Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite is igneous stone (produced from intense heat). It started as liquid magma from the depths of the earth. Under extreme pressures and a slow cooling process, granite is one of the hardest and most dense types of stone.  It is made up of many components with the most common being quartz, mica, and feldspar. The amount of these components can greatly vary for each type of granite. Usually feldspar is the major mineral of granite.

Secondly is quartz. Quartz is the hardest mineral in the composition of the stone. In comparison to a diamond, quartz is approximately 75% as dense.

Great for Kitchen Countertops, Kitchen Islands, Computer Work Spaces, Executive Desks, Half Walls, Ledges, Bathrooms, Vanities, Bar Tops, Outdoor patio furniture, Window Sills, Dressing Rooms; the possibilities are endless and Stone Ideas welcomes the challenge!

The following colors are priced per square footage and kept in stock for unbeatable deals.

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